Marquee Homes

Marquee Homes is one of my longest standing clients. Their website houses all their current to past builds, including plans visible to build and build inquiries.

Thurgood Plumbing

Thurgood Plumbing has been providing service to the Wasatch Front and its surrounding areas for now more than 40 years. We offer a comprehensive line of service to both residential and commercial customers. At Thurgood Plumbing, you will always feel as if you have an honest, reliable and experienced plumber to serve you and to take care of your plumbing needs. We value your business and will go to lengths to ensure that we meet or exceed your full expectations.


What a beautiful site with simple lines and an elegant feel. Jolidoodles is a small hobby breeder of doodle and poodle mixes in the Kissimmee, Florida area. After finding the love of our lives in a Goldendoodle named Chloe, we set out to recreate this amazing experience for other families to have in their homes. Chloe is an F1b Goldendoodle who is my daughter’s therapy dog and truly the most amazing and sweet girl we could ever want. Her gentleness has become the hallmark of our thoughts of this breed and it is what we hope you also find in them.

Valley Ranch Doodles

Valley Ranch Doodles dogs are first and foremost our pets and family members.  Valley Ranch doodles is located on a large acreage, which is a little piece of dog paradise as it allows them to run and play. Our goal is to share the joy of this magnificent hybrid breed with others and provide loving families with a happy, healthy puppy.

Doo Dah Doodle Pups

Why Doo-dah? In the urban dictionary, “Doo-dah” is a nickname for Wichita. The origin is unknown, but perhaps it was given for the laid-back nature and whimsical attitude of many of the residents of our great city. Our logo was created in the shape of Kansas using the Wichita flag and our state flower, the sunflower. We are a small in-home breeder specializing in mini and medium Goldendoodles, mini Bernedoodles, and mini Sheepadoodles. Our family has a heart for dogs and a love for sharing our passion with others. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, and well socialized puppies. By using many protocols from the Badass Breeder’s Program, we expose our puppies to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), age appropriate games and exercises, early socialization, and introduction to crate and potty training.

Diamond Companions

Another beautiful breeder site created for Bobbie Penman, the owner of Diamond Companions. Congrats you guys! I hope you love your site!

Woolley Doodles

Woolley Doodles is a small, high quality Goldendoodle breeder in Northern Utah.  They breed with purpose to raise healthy puppies with the best temperaments and personalities. They test our parents for health and genetic conditions.  They strive to do our best to produce healthy puppies, who become heart healers, companions and a best friend.

TNT Mini Aussies

Another beautiful breeder site created for the owner of TNT Mini Aussies. Congrats you guys! I hope you love your site!

Foothill Labradoodles

Foothill Labradoodles is a small and responsible family breeder of Australian Labradoodles puppies who love what we do. They are about 45 minutes south of Seattle Washington at the foothills of Mt. Rainier in Bonney Lake. That’s how they got our name: Foothills Labradoodles.


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