Custom Logo Designs at reasonable prices. Exceptions to this price consists of design time over 4 hours. All exceptions and additional pricing will be discussed after request for design is discussed and approved through the design process.

What comes with your Logo?

Transparent SVG File


What is a SVG file? It’s a Scalable Vector Graphic file. What would you use this for? Use your SVG file for your T-Shirts, bags and promotional items.

PNG Files

What is a PNG file? PNG is defined as a “Portable Graphic Format”. It is the most frequently used image format on the internet. This is what you will use for your social media, advertising and any other need. You will get a file of PNG of transparent backgrounds and a white or colored background of your choice.



An image will be sent with a smaller version of your logo. I normally format it in the bottom left. This can be used to overlay on your pictures. Any other transparent image can also be used as well.